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About Us

Why we are Cycle Bella Italia

We started Cycle Bella Italia because we love to ride and because we believe Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Having ridden in the United States, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy over the years, we believe Italy is the perfect cycling destination.

Why we love this area

For those of us that love cycling, we ride as often as we can and enjoy being on our bikes wherever we ride. But even for the most committed cyclists, riding is only part of our day. Face it, traveling to Europe to cycle is a major commitment, so when choosing a destination for a cycling trip, why not go to a place that offers great cycling, as well as a world of experiences for your time off the bike. We chose Italy, and in particular, Tuscany and Lake Como for our tours because we believe these regions are like no other.

We enjoying sharing this world with our guests

Italy has so much to offer, and Tuscany is one of the best places in Italy for off the bike experiences. Tuscany is at the center of Etruscan history, it’s a region of incredible natural beauty, it’s laced with small, quiet, walled, hilltop villages loaded with character. It’s a region of incredible food, and it’s the home of the premier wines of Italy – Chianti, Brunello and Vino Nobile. Tuscany is a territory of rolling hills that provides a true cycling challenge without being “walled in” by the extreme climbs characterizing other cycling areas of Italy.
Lake Como is an entire region of dramatic views, small lakeside villages and incredible cycling.

Our Team:

When planning to cycle through Italy let our experienced guides help make the most out of your Tuscany cycling tour. Cycle through Tuscany.


Joe Maturo (Boom Boom Budino) – Capo della squadra.   He has ridden numerous cycling tours in Europe.  Several years ago, following a week of cycling in the Apennine Mountains of Italy, Joe decided he wanted to ride more in Italy and also wanted to share the experience with other cycling enthusiasts.  Thus began Cycle Bella Italia.  When not riding in Italy with friends and guests, Joe, who is fluent in Italian, enjoys cooking (and eating) Italian food.  He spends his non-cycling time as a consultant guiding early stage companies in finance and overall corporate strategy.  Joe lives in Scottsdale, Arizona when he’s not in Italy.

When planning to cycle through Italy let our experienced guides help make the most out of your Tuscany cycling tour. Cycle through Tuscany.


Eran Maher (Cinghiale) – Capo della squadra and mechanic.  Eran has been cycling and involved in the cycling community for over 30 years.  He’s been wrenching on bikes for friends, amateur racers and pros since banana shaped saddles were all the rage (his had silver sparkles).  Having organized cycling tours in the western United States, Italy and Belgium he’s settled on Italy as his cycling love.  His number one goal is to inspire more people to enjoy the country by bike.  The “Cinghiale” is the wild boar native to the Tuscany hills; let’s just say Eran finds himself riding the hillsides with the passion and focus of a wild boar racing to escape the butcher’s cleaver.  When not on his bike Eran works in the solar electric power industry, driving the clean energy revolution among electric utilities worldwide.

When planning to cycle through Italy let our experienced guides help make the most out of your Tuscany cycling tour. Cycle through Tuscany.


Eric Rosenberg – (Ghiaccio) –Capo della squadra and historian.  Eric has been enjoying bikes since BMX was all the rage in the 1980’s. His chrome redline was his most treasured ride in those days. Since then, he has ridden mountain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, time trial bikes, beach cruisers and some bikes that have no real category. Eric’s love of the bike is the freedom it brings and the intimate knowledge it gives you of places you don’t see when you travel by car. Bikes let you get out there and explore. Eric has planned trips all over the western United States and enjoys showing people all the places bikes can take you and all the things you learn and experience while riding a bike. When not riding bikes with friends and clients Eric spends his time as a history teacher and educational leader.