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Our Tuscany Tours

Ride length will vary from 25 miles to 80 or more depending on the interests of the group and profile of the day’s ride. We work to ensure that every guest achieves the cycling experience they seek when traveling to Italy.

Lunch will often be taken in a café on the road as part of the ride.

After returning to our home-base, we cool off, clean up and then depart by vehicle to our afternoon excursion.  Our list of activities includes: wine tastings, cheese tastings, cooking classes, and shopping visits to other small towns.  Throughout Tuscany there are many wonderful enotecas (wine and cheese stores) and wineries to visit.  We’ll target a few different areas to provide you with first hand exposure to Vino Nobile (near Montepulciano), Brunello (near Montalcino) and Chianti (where else but within Chianti).  Each area has quaint small towns which offer a glimpse of local Italian life as well as a scoop or two of that gelato you earned with the day’s ride.

Depending on our afternoon activity, we will either dine in the town we visit, or return to our base for dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in or near Pienza.

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Daily Itineraries 

We chose to build Cycle Bella Italia on a simple concept, Tuscany is best experienced not as a traveling road show but rather as if a resident – even if only for a week.  From our home-base in Pienza we’ll have bike friendly access to many of the gems that have made Tuscany the dream destination of many travelers.  Pienza overlooks the Val d’Orcia (an entire valley dedicated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site).  From Pienza we’ll be well-situated for rides on some of the quietest roads and to some of the most amazing destinations Tuscany has to offer.

Because our rides start and finish from the same hotel throughout the week, it is possible to spend fewer than 7 days riding based on availability.

With groups of eight or more we can work with you to customize a tour itinerary to meet your group’s interests and needs.

Day 1:

Arrive in early afternoon at our base of operations, a hotel within the medieval town of Pienza. Settle into the room, get fitted on the rental bike or assemble yours if you chose to bring your own, and take a short afternoon ride to loosen up the legs. Following our warm-up ride, we get ready for dinner, meet for prosecco or wine before dining in one of the excellent local restaurants. Early to bed for weary travelers so we can be rested for our first longer ride tomorrow.

Day 2:

Rides on this day can be mapped to provide almost any distance suitable to the riding group. For those riders that want to challenge themselves with more distance and elevation, ride routes of 50 miles and more are available.

Day 3:

Montepulciano, Montalcino, Arezzo and Cortona are just a few of the better known small towns we may consider as destinations for today’s ride.  We’ll have the opportunity to make see life as the Tuscans live in each of these picturesque spots.

Day 4:

For those riders that want a less challenging experience, rides of 25-35 miles will be available. In both cases, we will ride to small villages where we can stop for an espresso, cold drink or light food to enjoy the environment and provide energy for the next stage of our ride.

Day 5:

An optional ride day. If riders choose to recover on Day 5, a longer excursion to Siena or Florence can be arranged. For those who choose to ride, the ride would typically be a little less challenging than the prior 3 days. Once again, ride routes would take us to a village where a café stop will be part of our plan.

Day 6:

A day for a full challenging ride following our lighter day 5 excursion. Day 6 could entail a more “epic” ride – a personal “queen stage” that would take us to Mt. Amiata, or shuttle us east to Cipo di Carpegna – the personal training hill of Italian champion Marco Pantani.

Day 7:

Our last day of riding.  We can choose to venture out on a new route today, or ride one of our favorite rides from earlier in the week.