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Our Lake Como Tours

We added to our itineraries to include a week of riding in the beautiful lake district of Northern Italy.  From our hotel, we enjoy rides not only around Lake Como, but also the other beautiful lakes of the region including Garda, Maggiore and Lugano (which takes us across the border into Switzerland).   We will cycle up to the Madonna del Ghisallo to visit the legendary church of the cyclist, visit the cycling museum and get some great photos of the lake and hills in the background.

For those that are ready for an extra challenge, we can shuttle over to the Dolomites in order to climb several of the classic mountains of the Giro d’Italia including Mortirolo and Stelvio.

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Our Rides

Our rides at Lake Como typically vary from 30 miles to 70 depending on the interests of the group and profile of the day’s ride. We always work to ensure that every guest achieves the cycling experience they seek when riding with Cycle Bella Italia.

Based on the length of our daily route, we will make a café stop or two and may even lunch in a café at some point on the ride.  After returning to our home-base, we change out of our bike gear and then depart for afternoon activities.  With so many great little towns in the area, we’ll spend afternoons exploring the sites, enjoying the café’s and bars of the small lakeside villages, visiting the churches and perhaps even ferrying across the lake to enjoy time on the water.  And of course, regardless of where you are in Italy, there is always gelato and wine.  In the evening, we’ll dine at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area, enjoying regional dishes and the local wine.

Daily Itineraries

Our tours are different from those offered by most other tour companies.  Some companies offer moving stays where guests are housed at different hotels every couple of days.  Others offer single location stays, but limit their activities to ride leadership and meals in the same hotel.  Although we stay at a single location for the duration of the tour, we ride different routes every day, we make time for activities off the bike with our guests, and we dine at different restaurants every evening rather than at the same hotel restaurant.  We think this allows our guests to feel at home in the region, but to offer the best that it has to offer.  With our rides returning to the same hotel throughout the week, it is possible to spend fewer than 7 days with us based on availability.

For groups of eight or we will customize a tour itinerary to meet your group’s specific interests and needs.

Day 1:

Arrive in early afternoon at our base of operations, a hotel within a small hotel at Lake Como.  Settle into the room, get fitted on your rental bike which will be waiting at the hotel or assemble yours if you chose to bring your own.  From there we can take a short afternoon ride to loosen up the legs for the rest of the week. Following our warm-up ride, we’ll get ready for dinner, meet for prosecco or wine before dining in one of the excellent local restaurants. An early night works well on the first evening so we can be rested for our first longer ride tomorrow.

Day 2:

The first full riding day, we’ll travel around Lake Como.  We can head to Madonna del Ghisallo and the nearby cycling museum.  We’ll enjoy the views as we work our way to the village of Bellagio and then enjoy our route back to the hotel

Day 3:

Ride options for today include exploring the other side of Lake Como.  Como is a beautiful lake with various cycling routes that provide variation and beauty in a number of ways.  We should see many other fellow cyclists enjoying the rides of Lake Como.

Day 4:

This could be the day we head to the Dolomites for guests that want the challenge.  We shuttle by van to near Bormio and then shift into our climbing gears.  This will be a longer and more challenging ride day that would get us back to the hotel late in the afternoon.

Day 5:

Perhaps today we cycle to the town of Bergamo.  There we can explore the lower and higher parts of the town and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.

Day 6:

Today would be a good day to ride beautiful Lake Garda.  There we’ll find some great climbs, enjoy long views and have the opportunity to dine at one of the many great restaurants there.

Day 7:

Our last day of riding.  We can choose to ride one of our favorite rides from earlier in the week, or even ride to Lake Lugano and cross the border into Switzerland.