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No. The Tuscan hills can be grueling. They are typically shorter (ranging from 1 to 6 miles), but they can be steep providing grades in the teens on that final push into a hilltop town. We provide bikes with compact gearing and no less than a 28 tooth cassette. If bringing your own bike we strongly recommend the same. A typical day will provide approximately 100 feet of climbing per mile.
The roads across Tuscany are typically small country roads, often not more the two cars wide. They are generally smooth, but weather and agricultural vehicles can leave their marks. That said, Italians love cycling and a bike on the road is something to be respected. You’ll see other cyclists, many are locals, and the cars always give you a nice wave as they carefully pass around you.
We strongly encourage this! Italy is a country that hosts over 65 percent of the world’s cultural heritage, we’ll only be seeing a small sliver on the bike in Tuscany. Many of our travelers use Pienza to launch trips to Florence, Siena, Pisa, the Cinqua Terra, Rome and beyond. All of these Italian gems are within about two hours of Pienza. If interested, we’d be happy to help you build an itinerary for the remainder of your travels...yes, we love Italy.
A $1,500 deposit is required at the time of booking. If canceled more than 6 months before the scheduled visit, a $200 cancellation fee is charged. From months 3 to 6, 50% of the deposit is charged as a cancellation fee. If canceling within 1- 3 months, a 75% fee is charged. If canceling within one month of the trip, the entire first deposit is retained. An additional $1,000 of the total cost is due 30 days prior to travel and the balance is due upon arrival at the hotel. You will receive:

1. Confirmation of your booking;
2. A suggested packing list;
3. Travel recommendations;
4. Bike packing and shipping info.
Yes. Rides will be tailored to the skills and goals of the riders. If appropriate, there will be two separate routes – one for advanced cyclists and a second to accommodate less advanced cyclists or those with weary legs.
Guests are welcome to bring their own bikes. For a cold beer or spritz Cinghiale is likely to help you with the assembly and post-travel tune-up.
If you choose to rent a bike through CBI, we have Wilier and DeRosa carbon bikes available for rent. All our bikes feature current and high level groups from Shimano or Campy (depending on your preference). For an increased rental fee we can even provide bikes with electronic shifting.
If you rent from CBI, you will be provided with typical road repair supplies – tube, tire levers, and C02. If you bring your own bike, please bring supplies. Do not travel with C02 because you are prohibited from carrying those canisters on a plane – we’ll supply those for you. We will have a support vehicle on the road with additional tools and typical spares (tires and tubes). If there is a mechanical issue that can be managed on the road, the support vehicle will be called and the repair will be made. If the issue needs a shop mechanic, we’ll get the bike to the shop for service.
Most guests arrive in the afternoon on Saturday, depending on how the guest gets to Italy and then to Pienza. Once you arrive at the hotel, you will check in, settle in your room and get your bike ready for riding. You may decide to take an afternoon ride with a ride leader to loosen up those legs tight from travel, or take an easy afternoon in our base town of Pienza relaxing with a glass of wine or a spritz.