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March 2017: Update


Tuscany is a land of dramatic views from the vast rolling valleys, acres of vineyards, olive trees and tall cypress throughout the region.

Cycling in the region is superb – long, gently rolling roads with few automobiles.  And every 10-20 kilometers, a small village situated most often at the top of a hill, where we can take a break with an espresso or a sparkling water.  Every day offers a new route to explore this incredibly beautiful and serene land.

Bucket List for Life – Is Filling Your Bucket Weighing You Down?

Todolist article. The word "to do" is lined with gold letters on wooden planks. 3D illustration image

So many of us have come to believe that checking off items on that bucket list is “something we’ve got to do before we die.”   That statement somehow has come to mean I’ll do that special thing someday before I get so old that doing it is no long an option.  Isn’t a bucket list item something so exciting, so

Tips for Cycling in Tuscany: Taking Care of Your Road Bike


As you know, your beautiful new carbon fiber frame won’t stay “dealership” new forever. Read more about Cycle Bella Italia’s tips and tricks for keeping your bike functioning like it’s factory new.

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