Bucket List for Life – Is Filling Your Bucket Weighing You Down? | Cycle Bella Italia

Bucket List for Life – Is Filling Your Bucket Weighing You Down?:

So many of us have come to believe that checking off items on that bucket list is “something we’ve got to do before we die.”   That statement somehow has come to mean I’ll do that special thing someday before I get so old that doing it is no long an option.  Isn’t a bucket list item something so exciting, so wonderful that we should all rush to try to do it now?  It’s on your list because adventure, challenge and new experiences are invigorating and liberating!

We so often hear from friends and soon-to-be cycling friends that a trip to Italy to cycle the Tuscan country-side is a bucket list item.  Those same friends keep hoping to fit a cycling trip to Italy on that ethereal calendar of events.  DON’T DO IT, don’t fall into the trap of planning things that could be but too often don’t actually happen!

Not one person that has joined Cycle Bella Italia for a cycling trip through Tuscany has come away saying “I wished I’d waited.”  In fact, what we hear from everyone that’s joined us for a weeklong trip is that they wished they had done it sooner.  Cycling though Italy is exciting, it’s challenging and it’s an experience you’ll want to repeat year after year.

You’re likely worried about the logistics, the abilities of the cyclists joining you that you haven’t met, the language, and who knows how many other things that seem perfectly reasonable at home sitting on the couch.  We created Cycle Bella Italia to enable you to live the Italian cycling dream while we set all those worries to rest.

We manage every trip by providing access to top notch bikes…just bring helmet, pedals, shoes and your favorite cycling kits.  We arrange daily rides that can accommodate cyclists with a wide variety of abilities – we’ve enabled the strongest cyclists to tackle epic dream rides and we’ve supported cyclists who are overjoyed with a 40 km ride that gets you showered in time for lunch and an afternoon adventure in a neighboring town.  We love every one of those rides and so will you.

What have all of our trips to Tuscany taught us?  Travel now, not someday.  People often underestimate how wonderfully energizing a cycling trip can be – you come home having built your fitness, seen the countryside in ways others never will and perhaps best of all, you’ve enjoyed some of the best food and wine the world has to offer.

So check off that bucket list item – don’t let it weigh you down.  We hope this summer is the one we can add you to our list of cycling friends.  See you in Tuscany!